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Your dedicated government business development team.

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Our Background

Our team has worked with the government from all angles - within government agencies, as contractors, and as customers. This gives us a clear vision for helping our customers achieve their government sourcing goals. Whether you’re looking for early stage funding to develop an innovative idea or to find customers within the government ecosystem for a commercially developed product, we’re a collaborative, seasoned partner who has been there.

Since our founding, Gallium Solutions has helped early stage and established businesses open the right doors to doing business with the government. In return, we’ve helped match government needs with innovative and thoughtful American businesses. Our sweet spot is providing the right synergy, at the right time, to the right connections.

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Our Mission

We make working with the government affordable, accessible, and achievable for businesses who can support our nation’s priorities and technology needs.

Process Driven

We know what works, and what doesn’t, which is critical for businesses in the governmental marketplace. Our expert approach is productive, efficient, and based on successful experience.


Our strategy is customized to each client. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to success and we’re focused on helping every client win.


We take the time to get to know our clients, their technology, and their goals in connecting with the government marketplace, from agency grants and awards to contracting.


Integrity drives everything we do. Our relationships are built on trust, transparency, and experience within the government ecosystem.

Our Experience

Our team is trusted by businesses at all stages to find government funding and clients for their technology. 

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Meet Your Team

Our growing, experienced team is located across the U.S. to serve clients operating in all states and industries. Meet the team that becomes an extension of yours.

Eric Frahm
Founder & Chief Advisor

With a successful 20+ year Air Force career focused on aviation and revolutionizing military operations and technology, Eric is focused on sharing his extensive knowledge with our team and clients. Eric was a founding member of the AFWERX Austin team and played a pivotal role in remaking the Air Force’s SBIR process. Eric became a master at crossing the “technology valley of death” between R&D and transition in the government. Today, he’s a mentor at startup accelerators across the country and a frequent public speaker. As our Strategic Advisor, Eric creates broad client strategy, identifies government opportunities, and helps set client efforts apart from the competition.

Jessica Steinhoff
Director of Operations

Jessica oversees the smooth day-to-day operations of Gallium Solutions and guides client strategy. She brings 21+ years of Defense Acquisitions experience to her role as Director of Operations. During her service as an Air Force Officer, she worked in Finance and Contracting. Jessica was a founding member of Air Force Contracting's RAPIDx team, where she helped intrapreneurs connect with industry partners to solve big problems. Jessica leverages her extensive Defense contracting experience to help Gallium clients meet government needs and submit fully compliant packages.

Michelle McCann
Operations Coordinator

Gallium’s internal Mission Control is Michelle, who manages all client traffic and processes that lead to our successful responses. Though Michelle usually knows the answer to virtually any question, if she doesn’t, she knows exactly who to ask and what to do to get things done.

Alex Hobson
Sales Lead

Alex is likely the first contact our prospective clients and partners have with Gallium Solutions. A U.S. Army veteran, Alex gained diverse leadership experience during his time as an infantry officer and brought his work ethic along to his civilian career as a decorated business development executive. Alex holds a Master of Business Administration from Lamar University. A strategic thinker, Alex enjoys networking and forming personal connections with our partners and clients while connecting them to the best product-mission-fit opportunities.

Margo Chandler
Human Resources/Lead Generation

Margo serves as Gallium’s Human Resources department, acting as hiring manager and administrator of our organization. She is also an expert at lead generation for our clients and provides support to our business development team.

Maggie Van Sciver
Senior Technical Writer

As Gallium Solutions' senior technical writer, Maggie brings a unique blend of creativity and pragmatism to connect people with innovative, complex technologies. Her mission to bridge this gap has been realized through leading a talented writing team to craft compelling proposals which have met with success. She leverages her English and Business degrees, robust project management skills and meaningful client relationships to translate intricate subjects into compelling narratives. Maggie's ability to articulate vision and engage clients reflects her dedication to excellence, setting her apart as a communicator and strategist.

Peyton Marsh
Technical Writer

Peyton is a skilled writer devoted to translating complex technical and scientific concepts into clear, compelling grant proposals for government agencies. He leverages his diverse background in the Department of Homeland Security, economics, technology, and entrepreneurship to quickly grasp specialized information. Peyton employs strategic thinking and project management skills to organize details and effectively convey key points to reviewers. Whether simplifying technical specifications, research data, or advanced technologies, he turns jargon and complex subject matter into understandable language that resonates with his audiences. Peyton is committed to bridging communication gaps between academia and government through well-crafted proposals.

Sally Otero
Client Engagement Specialist

Sally serves as the connection between Gallium Solutions and businesses eager to make government collaboration efficient and effective. With over 25 years of professional experience in accounting and sales, she excels in identifying and cultivating relationships with potential clients. Sally has honed her meticulous attention to detail and multifaceted skill set during her extensive career and blends technology with her innate customer service skills to bring value to our clients and partners. She is dedicated to making government collaboration accessible to businesses of varying sizes and sectors, always focusing on long-term relationship building.

"Because of our VC team’s military DNA, we often invest in startups with dual-use capabilities. Gallium is a go-to team for us because they know the defense and government contracting ecosystem so well and they are a pleasure to work with.”

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Craig Cummings
General Partner, Moonshots Capital