Leverage the most valuable government funding to grow your business.

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You need help applying for specific government grant opportunities. You’re looking for a one-time project engagement.

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You have cutting-edge technology or research and want to explore how non-dilutive government funding can help you scale it.

Your product or service is ready for a dedicated government sales team to win more government grants or secure government contracts.

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One of our founding principles is that our business doesn’t profit until our clients do. We tailor our services to  your needs. Our pricing combined with our history of winning 3-5X the industry average makes us the best value around.


Get expert help in submitting your government grant proposal.

From the initial registration to proposal creation and submission, our expert team provides all the services you need to successfully submit your idea or technology to the government.

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Proposal Writing
To create your winning proposal strategy, we align your technical concepts with the evaluation criteria. We leverage your company's unique innovations and strengths to create the strongest proposal possible.
Proposal Editing
Proposal writing is a process, and we include multiple reviews to ensure accuracy and mirror the full evaluation process used by government agencies to set your proposal apart from the others.
Solicitation Compliance & Sufficiency
Every solicitation is unique. We review the solicitation requirements to ensure that your proposal is compliant and includes all necessary information. Solicitation amendments can come at any time, so we continuously check throughout the process and update the proposal accordingly.


Explore the government landscape and position your company to win funding.

The best way to set your company up for contracting success is to pursue the right funding vehicles. We develop a targeted strategy to accelerate your company’s goals that will save your team time and money.

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Opportunity Searching
We actively review opportunities across the government space that align with your identified goals and objectives, presenting those that are a good fit and eliminating those that are not.
Fractional Lead Generation & Sales
When you’re busy with your day-to-day operations, it can be hard to devote time to grow your business. Our focus is streamlined and strategic, ensuring we produce quality contacts and a collaborative network for targeted growth.
Business Strategy
Developing a business strategy to accelerate your innovation is our primary focus. Our team of experts collaborate with you to expand your commercialization efforts.


Get a dedicated strategy & sales team to win government grants and contracts.

Your team is an expert in your field, and you deserve to partner with experts in strategic business development. We know how to form the relationships and find the opportunities that will expand your current business.

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Finding & Qualifying Opportunities
The government funding landscape is complex, layered, and dynamic. We’re proactive in our business strategy development to ensure we pursue the best opportunities to accomplish your goals.
Dedicated Government Sales Team
Successful government contracting opportunities are both about knowing what the contracting agencies need and forming relationships in that space. We cultivate the right relationships to move your company forward.
Contract Negotiation & Management
We understand the complexities of government contracting and the unique requirements that often accompany them. We assist in closing contracts that are win-wins for both you and your government clients.

"Prior to working with Gallium, we never had a chance of securing government funding. Gallium knows how to speak the language and get proposals written that get funded. They've helped us win funding to prove our market feasibility and get runway to develop our rocket technology."

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Adrian Tymes
CEO, CubeCab